Retirement Annuities: The Safe Option

The Case for Annuities

Surveys show that less than 1 in 4 Americans (23%) are “very confident” that they will have sufficient assets to pay for basic living expenses in their retirement years.  Just 1 year ago, almost half of the Americans surveyed (42%) were “very confident” in their ability to pay those same basic living expenses.  Nearly 1,500 workers participated in the latest survey in September 2011 (source: Sun Life).   Pensions and Social Security benefits are not enough to instill peace of mind for those approaching retirement age.

31% of over 2,000 Americans adults surveyed indicate their greatest financial concern in retirement is running out of money (source: Franklin Templeton).

Annuities allow for assets to grow while being protected from loss due to market volatility.  In addition, the growth accrues tax free.  With a wide variety of payout options, annuities may be the perfect solution for your retirement planning strategy.

Consult an experienced financial advisor to review your current retirement plan.


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